Friday, 5 March 2010

Colour Tests - Girl

I wasn't going to upload that last one, but I caved. Much as I still think purple hair works best, I'm trying to resist the temptation as that particular design feature would bring this whole project just a little bit too close to a certain multi-award winning music video. Comments please (and DON'T say purple works best)?



  1. Have you tried violet?

    I like the blue actually, but then I think I'm biased towards blue hair in general. It's wicked. If not blue, then dark brown/black. Looks best for the character - in that pose anyway. I've not seen the animatic so if it's all super-happy fun times then maybe a different colour...

  2. depends on what the major mood of the story. Blue and purple would go with cold and gloomy and mysterious story. for happy and warm- browns and gold.

  3. Why has the ginger one suddenly started growing on me?!

  4. Hey, Ken here (wish i had got my own account now!)

    Purple works best. Sorry, couldn't resist ;) but i reckon blue, considering how my landscapes are beginning to look.