Friday, 25 June 2010

Young Floria In Progress

Still have to fix the face, as you can probably tell. The fingernails took a while...

new landscape

Hey it's Ken. New post. Add image. Choose pic.Publish post.
New landscape uploaded to the blog. DONE!*

*Gordon Ramsay Reference :)

P.S. I wouldnt say it's fully finished yet, just wanted some feedback before I press on with it.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


A couple of things that have happened since hand-in:

We are delighted to welcome Amy Thomas to the team! Over summer she will be helping Ken model backgrounds and then doing some animation on return after the holidays... the rest we haven't worked out quite yet. I'll update our blog header when I get onto a computer that has Photoshop... our production bible cover has been 'updated' with a pink Post-It that reads '...and Amy!'

We also welcome Finlay Pearston (of the incoming 3rd year) to the team, as UV-mapper and 'inbetweener' (or 3D equivalent of).

On Monday we are going to the Botanical Gardens to draw flowers and trees.

Bring on the sunshine!