Friday, 25 June 2010

new landscape

Hey it's Ken. New post. Add image. Choose pic.Publish post.
New landscape uploaded to the blog. DONE!*

*Gordon Ramsay Reference :)

P.S. I wouldnt say it's fully finished yet, just wanted some feedback before I press on with it.


  1. Sorry, *ahem* I'm not sure that last comment was too constructive on my part... what I mean is: yes it's great, though I can see what you mean about the flowers, but I like the way you've turned around and started with the minimalist approach, it's much easier to add things than to take them away. That said, I don't actually think it needs that much more! Just a shadowy bit for the monster to emerge from ;)

    Good stuff!


  2. I reckon you're taking the pee eye double ess with the minimalistic feedback there, Sarah ;)

    Infact i dont even know what you meant by "YES."

    Ken is confused....:(