Monday, 8 November 2010

Smokey Joe's Dilemma...

The dilemma being... which one do I go with? I like elements of both... I'm leaning toward the Maya Fluids one (the two bottom pictures) as the smoky effect is just so much more elegant than the 'blobbiness' of the Classic Particles (top two). But the Classic works much better for the big, imposing stylised shots near the end...

(which reminds me... need to get an animatic up here!)

Anyone got any ideas on how I can get the Fluids to spread in the same way as the Particles do?



  1. The second ones definitely look better. Is there no way to diffuse the particle ones more? Or perhaps render it on a separate pass and then use blur/glow effects with some editing in After Effects? Worth experimenting with. I think it could be done.

  2. Check out m'collegue's work in Maya recently: