Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Feedback please!!

I've been working on this so long I can't see it anymore. John said I should throw some 'mistakes' in it so it looks less 3D and robotic... but did I take it too far? Been struggling to translate what I know about 2D animation into 3D, I have to admit.



  1. I think it needs to be a lot more subtle and soft, slow it down, the head movement in particular. If you don't already have reference footage it would be well worth acting out the scene(s) before you go any further. Good progress! :)

  2. I remember in class about the blinking convo and I think the blink after she touches her face Isn't necessery! I think the realisation of whats happened means you wouldn't blink just out of shock!!! secondly I kinda feel like her eyes should lead the head when she looks round, there kind of central then they move. But apart from that I like it alot!!!

  3. I agree with Michael, it needs to be a lot more subtle. I don't that that would be the natural reaction unless she had seen her changed face in a mirror, not at that speed anyway.

    Other than that I think it works really well. I look forward to seeing more :)