Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Camera Spin...

So, still trying to come up with a suitably dramatic camera move for the penultimate shot of 'Innocence' - when the monster gets blown away - and this is it so far. The problem is... I doubt you could do that with any real-life camera equipment. So, trying to neaten it up - does anyone know what they would do with a real-life camera to get this kind of effect? If I know the theory, I might be able to make it look more real. If anyone knows of a live-action example, so much the better.



  1. I think if you started a little slower, got up to that speed and then eased out again, it would look more natural. Imagine the camera is on a long crane with a heavy counterbalance. It'd take a lot of force to get to that speed, but once there it's going to have a lot of momentum for a while. Give it weight. Also, definitely a shot for motion blur, that'd really help the look. Matt (My Welcome Intruders) in my year is very film and camera savvy, want me to ask him for an opinion?

  2. This isn't exactly what you've got there, nor is it actually real camera work, but it's the firs thign I thought of. Might be of some use? It has a real good feel to it.: