Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mark Bannerman

Considering most of my own work consists of scattered rendered images right now, I thought I'd enlighten you with someone else's.

Rock of Ages

I've seen Mark Bannerman's exhibition each year at Pittenweem for a few years now, and it never fails to delight and/or amuse. He works mainly in ZBrush. What I particularly loved about his website were his 'Simple 3D Tips for Consideration:'

  1. Switch off your computer and start drawing.
  2. Maintain a healthy disregard for the technology and just enough ignorance to make you take risks.
  3. Get somebody else to do it for you, preferably somebody with no social skills but oodles of talent.
  4. Don't start in the first place
  5. Prepare to spend a lot of time online speaking to other geeks as none of your friends or family will have a clue what you talking about, nor care.
  6. Good work is created on expensive software.
  7. Bad work is created on expensive software.

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  1. I love this. lol, especially number 5!!!lol