Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Production Roles

Just realised that we never made it clear what our production roles are. So here they are -

Sarah Gillespie - I came up with the song and the idea and wrote the script (I guess that technically makes me director). After several joint storyboard-sessions, I did the final storyboard drawings and compiled the animatic. I designed the characters and did all line tests. Next year, when Ken leaves, I will be making all creative decisions myself.

Ken Shing Tse - primarily in charge of designing the environment. Has produced some lovely 3D models, and has been a massive help in storyboarding.

Feel free to add anything to this post, Ken - I've been animating all day and my brain is mush.

Hey, Ken here. Nah, that's fine. Think you covered everything. All I would add is that I'm putting the production bible together, but that isn't really a role, lol!

Oh, and quite possibly I'll still be around helping you beyond this year, so you won't be totally on your lonesome! :)


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