Monday, 18 October 2010

Environment stuff...

So... I havn't actually posted anything on the blog since joining team Innocence! 
Here are some screen shots of the flowers and trees I have been working on.

I am working on another two flowers at the moment so I shall post them in a couple of days :)



  1. Hey Amy! Remember me? :)

    Looking really good, did they take long to model? I found that trees take aaaaages compared to flowers.

    Hope you're having fun working with Sarah, considering she is a complete pain in "la derriere"........

    Hi Sarah! ;) Remember and don't stress! :D

  2. Dearest Kenneth...

    I think you'll find it's LE derriere...


  3. How on earth did you know that? well missy, bums are feminine in my world. Humph!

  4. Ken? who are you?
    hmm the trees didnt take me that long at really, it's these two flowers I'm doing at the moment that are taking a while! ahhh
    Sarah is wonderful to work with Ken, I do not know what you speak of!


  5. Haaaaa!!!!!!!!!

    Actually I had a lot of fun working with Sarah. It was the only project I had fun on :D If she gets cranky give her tea! XD

    anyway looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!