Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Why so serious...?

...because the eyelids haven't been rigged yet, and a smile without the lower lids would be creepy. So instead here are some sad, mad and thoughtful faces, all exaggerated beyond any shape I would actually use in animation but... hey, blendshapes are fun :)
Oh, and both models now have eyelashes and shiny eyes!



  1. Look at the shiny shiny! Really nice work!

    Speaking of nice work, check out my link if you already haven't :D (Shameless self-promoting :D I haven't been a complete bum over the last 2 months, lols)


  2. Believe it or not I DID check it out, and not just now either ;) that said, I am on it just now... Loving it Ken! My favourites are Anti-Renaissance and Puppet Master, I love the ethereal atmosphere... it's a little freaky, in the best possible way! I reckon if you apply the same degree of precision you do in your portraits to your more conceptual stuff, you'll be laughing :)

  3. Thanks! :D yeah I'm working on it. Done 2 Commissions now, which is sweet :) I haven't tried to do something conceptual in a while, so I will possibly go and do one fairly soon.