Thursday, 2 December 2010

Another Animation Test!

So this is one of Old Floria - none of these animation tests are particularly polished and I probably shouldn't be putting them up, but I'm just so excited to finally see things starting to move after months of static models. The idea with this one is that the monster is sneaking up behind Floria - hence the yellow light.

Right, now to go fix those shoulder weights... (-_-)



  1. That's a good start Sarah, can I suggest dipping her head down as she turns, it will make the movement look at bit more natural.
    The hair is working that still just a Jiggle Deformer you have applied?

  2. Hey Pat -

    Yes it is just a jiggle deformer, I was surprised myself how well it worked :)

  3. Sweet : D the future is definitely bright and orange!