Friday, 3 December 2010

Floria and The Monster

Photoshop and I have not been the best of friends in the past - I think it's because I've always liked getting messy with acrylic, big brushes and paint knives. Photoshop's always felt a bit clean - I'm not neat enough for this kind of thing! So I've been trying to make amends, via some rather lovely splatter brushes. I'm quite happy with this one right now, though I might hate it in a week. This blog is a good way for me to force myself to post things up before I overwork them (in the same way as I seem to be doing with my dissertation... trying to make 10,000 words' worth of ideas fit into 7,700 is a nightmare).

Right... bedtime!



  1. Konnichiwa!

    Liking your frequent posts all of a sudden - I like how that looks! nice lighting in it. Only thing I would suggest is that the monster looks more evil. other than that, it looks good!

    Yeah, my dissertation is a nightmare as well ;)

    Oh, and do not get stressed! you know where I am if you do :)

  2. I post because I procrastinate. ;)

  3. I like your procrastination! keep it up! :D or maybe not....