Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Smoke Monster - First Animation Test!

Smoke Monster Animation Test 1 from Sarah Gillespie on Vimeo.

So... it's not perfect, but it's a good place to start! The back of the monster is still looking a bit square even though I've adjusted the dropoff, so might need to have another look at that one. On the other hand, there are very few frames in which the back of the monster is actually visible... to maintain the impression that he is just an everlasting mass. I'll need to keep the arms moving too I think, for the first few seconds he's moving they look pretty stiff. Still, considering I've never animated anything in Maya before, I'm very happy! :)



  1. Suh-weet! It looks like a supermassive fart at the beginning :D

    Can't wait to see this finished!